7 Big Wins

7 Big Wins is a small blog about me. I am a business owner that had struggled for a few years to get their business off the ground, but after a few personal and professional successes, I slowly began to see wins that increased my business completely.

I think as a business owner, it’s important to spread and share these wins with other potential business owners so they know what they should look out for in the future, but also to give them hope to know that even when it seems like it is all over, there is always a way. I have been there myself, thinking that my business was over and that there was no hope to bring it back to life. But if you continue working, there is always a way.

As a business owner, it’s important to always have either a mentor or an example. Either are good because they will be able to keep you guided through the more difficult times of your professional career. If you have ever owned your own business, you know exactly what I mean when I say that it can be difficult to keep yourself optimistic, positive and most of all, motivated during the hardest times.

That is why especially for new business owners, it’s important to know that someone has been in the same position they currently are, and they can have a few examples as to how others have gotten themselves out of the same situation. Without guidance or support, when you are in times of extreme hardship such as debt or a sudden mass loss of inventory, any advice is appreciated and necessary. So, I want this blog to become one of the cornerstones new and potential business owners decide to look to when they need any advice about their business.

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