My first profit

As a business, my first profit came from a referral of a friend. My friend happened to know a mutual friend who needed some work to be completed for them and recommended me out of his own initiative as a friend. I have always appreciated that because while he didn’t have to, the first person he thought of recommending was me. This meant he had some faith in my abilities and skills in my professional career that he would recommend me to a friend with the possibility of something going wrong.

Luckily for him and obviously for me, the project that he wanted me to work on went very well. I obviously did not doubt my own abilities, and I knew that it would be a success. But strangely, it’s different when it comes to completing work through a referral. There is a strange pressure that is added onto the project because you don’t want to let down the person who referred you either.

So even when you do have full faith and confidence in yourself, there is always a risk that you let someone down, including the customer. However, I made sure that the project I was working on would be a success as I wanted to make sure that if I completed this job well, then there will be more referrals to come and I could pay back the trust that my friend showed in me.

Make sure that you always look through your own network and contacts for referrals. You would be surprised how many friends or mutual friends will need a service completed or knows someone who also needs a service or product. Making sure that you can spread through word of mouth in the initial stages of your career is so important now. Especially with the rise in Google.

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